the turnaround

by The Reigns Band

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A mix of rock, pop, soul. Enjoy


released April 30, 2013



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The Reigns Band Knoxville, Tennessee

The Reigns Band is Evan Melgaard on guitars and lead vocals, Nick Randles on drums and vocals, and AJ Lajas on bass, keyboards and vocals. Based out of Knoxville, TN; The Reigns Band has been playing live all over since 2007.

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Track Name: Luckiest Guy
I’m just a little bit afraid of what I’m thinking/you’re so hot what’s your name whatcha’ drinkin’/I’m kind of high not your typical guy/I can read your soul by the look in your eye/it doesn’t matter what’s your sign or what I’m saying/I’m pheromones and I keep on praying/your going to smile and remember my name/because I’m so enamored by the play of your game///I’m not just like the rest but yes I am/except that I’m your only man sometime I sit and wonder why/I’m not the LUCKIEST GUY but this I know/I could never ever find a better girl/no matter how hard I tried and I never would///I like today and I never want tomorrow to ever end with a hint of your sorrow/we might not have met had I not perchance came to this conclusion when hearing your name/I get concerned when its brought to my attention you love me dearly is what you always mention and I love you too like I love every breath its all that matters when there’s not much else left///
Track Name: Living With My Girlfriend
I’m living with my GIRLFRIEND/we say we get along/she says were happy together/she thinks she’s never wrong/I don’t get your obsession with Twilight/you don’t like me when I drink straight Jack/I’ll just sit here and pluck my guitar/I’m so turned on by the paint on your back/we love getting stoned together/I hate going to the mall/she thinks she’s the only/we laugh, we kiss, we smash, we smoke, we eat, we drink, we hardly fight at all/but I know that your dad wants to shoot me/and I’m so lazy I can stay employed/you’re so hot I don’t mind going down/the street holding hands looking so overjoyed/I don’t really think I know you anymore/that’s what you say every time you want a fight/with prepackaged dialogue designed for make up sex/I can’t really blame you for your emotional wrecks/I don’t mind that you finish my sentence/check my Facebook or look in my phone/now I think I’m starting to love you/now our house feels just like a home
Track Name: Farther Behind
I got a brand a brand new obsession/got no bad intention/head spinning faster every day/never know what I’m losing/its oh so confusing/but it all keeps falling away/I don’t know why I cant get a break/when’s my time Lord I feel so forsaken/I don’t know why I try to follow the line///I’m falling FARTHER BEHIND///win some lose more, eye candy eye sore/I saw my baby with another man/it never surprises used to all her lies/popping the top on my 12th beer can
Track Name: Tomorrow
We laid in bed all day today/I’ve not been clean in six years straight/I don’t think she can beat this and neither can I/Just got a final notice on my door/it says the lights won’t work anymore/then neither will I/I can’t keep a 9 to 5/because I’d rather stay messed up then stay alive///But TOMORROW the sun may shine/lord tear away these demons of mine/my soul will lift up but my sorrows will stay/right there in the bed where I laid///when did my life become so hard/my hungry child crying in the yard/living in a 2 bedroom deadend/3 kids 2 dogs and not a penny to spend///and if I’m breathing tomorrow/and I realize what this is all for/and if I can change what makes me so strange/then it won’t course through my veins anymore///
Track Name: Turn Around
I was lost with out you/in this turbulent sea/but you’re the stone I’m holding that’s trying to drown me/how do you hold something that burns and tears your heart in two/you thought I turned my back but I was turning around to you///TURN AROUND/you don’t need a reason why/turnaround/you don’t want to see me cry/I am yours and you are mine and that is all I found/I’m so scared it’s over/so I’m begging you to turnaround/// sometimes life takes you down a road where all the lights have passed you by/one wrong turn and two flat tires/how will I drive on through the night/a love just like a black hole/where all my soul has been pulled inside/and I know I’m going crazy getting washed up by the tide///
Track Name: Spinning Walls
You got a lot of nerve/I got a lot of swerving to do/if I want to miss you/we’ll take the long way home/my mind needs time to roam you’ll say/I hope you go the wrong way/you got diamonds in your eyes/you’re the devil in disguise///I’m in love with your memory/I’m letting go/won’t you please let go of me///we’re stuck in limbo here/you smile and shed a tear/it falls through the SPINNING WALLS/I’ve got nowhere to go/polite backward flow like this/please ass funky my kiss///you got a lot of nerve/I got a lot of swerving to do/if I want to hit you
Track Name: Never Leave You Again
We’ve been together such a longtime/sometimes all we see is red/if I let you go will you come back to me/because I don’t want no one else in your bed/this time its different/it doesn’t feel the same/this time oh I promise///I’ll NEVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN/// never leave you again/looks like my hindsight is just as bad/I can’t see that clear either way/I never study my own history/so I’m damned to repeat it everyday
Track Name: By Your Side
thinking of you/I wish I had a voice to go with your smile/but all I have is a vague reminder/of what I want/please look in my eyes/I want you to see my intention baby/I fell like a child that enamored and caught up in your glow/to just touch your lips would fulfill every one of my dreams/I’ve never needed something so badly/so I gave up/I gave up on rational as soon as I saw you/I’m chasing my tail around I’m upside down and my ego’s torn in two/but baby what I wouldn’t do for you/If you only tore down your wall/and gave me your hand not your cold shoulder/and just let me call/call you my baby my darling my girl/because there’s no place I’d rather be/than be BY YOUR SIDE tonight///can’t see what’s ahead/I’m always in the dark when it comes to emotions/I fell like I’m trapped and my lungs collapsed/like I can’t breath/it’s hard to believe/I need you to restore my faith in it all/I’ve taken a fall so many times/I need your love
Track Name: I've Been
I’VE BEEN the kind of guy who would open doors for you when I feel obliged not to hide the side that I feel you took for granted when you had it but now its gone reminiscing always missing a time when/I let you drag my soul around/now I got to head for higher ground/and yes I must confess this is a mess but I’m smarter now/and even though the tables turned you never saw this somehow///I always had you on my mind/until I met your real side/yes I admit that I was blind/but I woke you choked up I broke your heart and turned the tide///I’ve been never better wrote a letter to tell you/thanks dear my new woman keeps me warm at night and she drinks beer/head is twitching always itching on how I let you/stick around like a dog in the pound
Track Name: The Grass Is Greener
She’s long and she’s tall/She doesn’t even realize that he’s here at all/He’s short when he drinks/sitting there at the end of the bar and he starts to think/Starts to dream/dreaming up another one/think of a line and threw it up to the sun///The GRASS IS GREENER same as before/with a bottle and a joint/looking up at the floor/time is wasted/time stands still/the grass is greener up on the hill/if you don’t go now you never will/you never will///He’s rich, and he’s weak/Can’t even look you in the eyes when he starts to speak/
old money soon its gone/we all know that song and we sang along/sing along/baby if you know this one/I forgot the line/but I prayed to the sun///
Track Name: Part Of Me
PART OF ME wants to leave/part of me want to stay/part of me never trusts/that’s the part that walks away/is this going to be the last time we ever share/part of my mind keeps racing around and part of my mind isn’t there/give me my sunshine give me my drugs/push the rest away/sweep it under her rug/am I the one who could never stay quiet/I only have two brain cells left and there both starting a riot/pull me close and I’ll push you away/you don’t understand a single word I say/I’m the answer don’t ask why/I don’t care if this is all I lie/I COULD PUT IT IN A LETTER/YOU COULD READ IT SO MUCH BETTER